Leading the way to sustainable change.

Whether your organization is reacting to expansion, contraction, reorganization, redistribution or innovation, your objectives are the same: to lead your company or nonprofit to success.

Since 1986, Myers Rue has partnered with executives, business owners, nonprofit boards and their teams as a change agent for all phases of organizational development.

Our Strategic Planning initiatives guide organizations through complex system change, mission definition, core values determination, vision formulation, work process redesign and project management.

Our Training and Development initiatives include executive coaching, enhanced leadership presence, executive presentation skills, team development and group facilitation skills.

Our customizable workshops and one-on-one coaching are designed to meet the specific needs of your executive team and staff.

Working with the OD professionals of Myers Rue, you and your organization will meet long-term and immediate goals as a cohesive, efficient, dedicated team. Our customers include businesses and nonprofits like yours, throughout the United States and Canada.

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