Recapturing your vision.

Myers Rue partners with local, national and global clients to strengthen organizational effectiveness by enabling businesses and nonprofits to:

  • Manage complex system change
  • Define their mission
  • Determine core values
  • Formulate a vision
  • Redesign work processes
  • Manage projects

Together, we assess your organization and clarify your strategic plan.

Complex System Change

Any organization is a complex, interdependent system of processes, departments and supply chains. If one piece of this complex system changes, all the other pieces feel the effects. Change efforts often stall as the organization struggles to maintain cultural stability and predictability.

Myers Rue addresses those interactions so that change progresses in the right – and sustainable – direction.

Mission Definition

Your organization's mission drives decisions from recruiting to development of resources and from planning to delivery of products and services. Without a clear mission, people establish their own direction and methods for achieving results, usually working at cross-purposes.

We help you define a mission that works across your organization.

Core Values Determination

Core values define how the organization will behave and where members of the organization will focus their energies. They're the ground rules used to achieve the objectives of a company or nonprofit.

We help you identify those values essential to your organization's success and align them with the values of your leaders.

Vision Formulation

Your executives, managers, staff and board of directors... your vendors and customers... your strategic partners, all need a clear sense of your future. When vision is lacking, the organization stagnates.

Our work with vision formulation is fast and thorough and engages the entire organization.

Work Process Redesign

As the marketplace and economy evolve, old processes and old cultural responses may become inefficient, placing enormous stress on the workforce. Yet, new processes (such as Lean manufacturing and Six Sigma) often generate fear and resistance.

Myers Rue guides the people who work the processes to redesign their methods, embrace new technologies and build efficiencies.

Project Management

Projects run into trouble for many reasons, including issues with leadership, planning, communication, technology development, teamwork and resource management.

We assess, identify and build upon the resources, methods and technologies that position your project and team for success.