Driving positive growth.

Myers Rue draws on 25 years of experience with executives, nonprofit boards and management teams to provide:

  • Executive coaching
  • Enhanced leadership presence
  • Executive presentation skills
  • Team development
  • Group facilitation skills

Executive Coaching

Leadership is much more a relationship than a position. Effective leadership depends on those who are willing to follow. How do you bring your entire department, company or nonprofit from where it is now to where you want it to be?

We coach leaders in the techniques that encourage others to follow.

Enhanced Leadership Presence

Your contribution has depth and value whether you're presenting to one customer, serving on a board or participating in a meeting of peers.

Myers Rue has enhanced the personal presence of industry leaders throughout the United States and Canada in the education, government, manufacturing, health care, nonprofit, energy, financial services and technology sectors, among others.

Executive Presentation Skills

When you're called upon to deliver testimony to public commissions, lead shareholder meetings, announce initial public offerings or introduce new products, you want your words to generate confidence and lead to action. Your presentation may be in person, through videoconferencing or through teleconferencing.

We understand the media, the audience and your goals, and we give you presentation skills that rise to the occasion.

Team Development

High-performing teams develop through stages of cooperation, trust and commitment. These stages should bind them together in a common effort and sense of accomplishment.

Myers Rue gives teams the knowledge and competencies to improve communication, clarify their goals, identify their resources and allow them to progress on plan and on budget.

Group Facilitation Skills

Productive meetings – both internal and with clients – depend on good facilitation skills that help participants diagnose, listen, plan and provide feedback to each other.

Myers Rue gives facilitators the ability to extract clear deliverables, solve problems and build consensus.